CULTURE AT WORK® Emerging Artist Residency Program 2015

Image: Sara Morawetz, Yet there is method, Accelerator Gallery. Artist-in-Residence, 2014.



Growing Culture

Emerging Artists Professional Development Residency Program to July 2015

CULTURE AT WORK®  is a not for profit Australian Research Institute dedicated to art and science.

The CULTURE AT WORK®  Board and Research Committee includes scientists including Professor Bruce Milthorpe, Dean of Science UTS, and Prof Trevor Bird, former Chief Scientist ICT, CSIRO and professionals from the visual arts sector including Dr Lee-Anne Hall, Director Penrith Regional Gallery. CULTURE AT WORK® ‘s mission and vision is to inspire future generations of creative thinkers by connecting visual art and science, technology and learning.

CULTURE AT WORK® has supported artists in its residency program since 2011. Artists include Fiona Davies, Rachel Park, Lisa Sammut, Gilbert Grace, Adam Sebire, Carrie Ramig (USA), Liz Shreeve, Jane Theau, Kath Fries, Sara Morowetz, Kerry Thomas, Laura Jade, Julia Kennedy-Bell, Fiona Kemp, Luke Hespanhol, Frances Hansen (NZ). Onsite artists 2015 include visual artist Alan Spackman and international composer, Axel Singer.

CULTURE AT WORK® Emerging Artists Residency Program to July 2015

Program background

CULTURE AT WORK® is pleased to announce this new program supported by STATE STREET. The program is designed for talented emerging artists who are unemployed or underemployed and who want to work in the arts arena. The competition for being employed in an arts related job is high and to be competitive emerging artists need to have completed a visual arts degree, professional experience, presentation and writing skills.

Professional development and internships are valuable for emerging artists as early opportunities to build skills, networks and work place experience within the arts sector. Accumulated experience and mentoring can provide confidence and skills required for the industry and lead to employment opportunities that can support the career of a visual artist.

The Program

CULTURE AT WORK® is mentoring 8 emerging artists to July 2015.

Artists have been selected and allocated a studio space to develop their own art practice culminating in an exhibition or performance or installation. Each artist will work with one curator, Sherryl Ryan,  Ivana Jirasek or Elyse Goldfinch and participate in a professional skill development: Public speaking to an audience using PowerPoint, Curriculum Vitae, application and report writing for grants and job applications in the arts. During their internship artists will update skills in relation to marketing and PR – social media, web, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Artists will develop an exhibition based on their submission and will work toward managing their own exhibition as part of the program with the support of a curator.

The mentee will connect with other professional artists who are in the studio complex, networking and becoming part of a larger team, sharing experiences and learning from more experienced artists.

CULTURE AT WORK® has provided paid casual employment to several artists in residence in 2015 through its CREATIVE SPARKS: BLUE CARBON schools program which is running concurrently to the residency program. This program provides new opportunities for artists to be paid as experts to deliver presentations about their work as artists and to deliver creative workshops in schools with scientists.

This program is generously supported by State Street.

Emerging Artists Program Application 2015