Image: Soyoun Kim, Cadavre Exquis 1, lamda photo, 2014.

ART+NATURE+SCIENCE 2010-2015 is an exhibition of artists working with science and or technology in CULTURE AT WORK’s Residency and Exhibition program during 2010-2015.

35 artists have been creating new work in residencies or exhibitions with scientists, architects, mathematicians, psychologists, neuroscientists, cancer scientists and a range of other experts between 2010 and 2015. Several artists exhibiting in ART+NATURE+SCIENCE have undertaken 2 year residencies, undertaken professional development opportunities and returned to research a new project in a supportive creative environment, and have submitted commissions for science buildings.

ART+NATURE+SCIENCE is curated by Sherryl Ryan.

ARTISTS 2010-2015 (Artists in this exhibition in pink).
Axel Singer+Alex Wight+Carrie Ramig+Christine Webb+Chrissie Parrot+Diane Livingstone+Fiona Davies+Fiona Kemp+Frances Hansen+Georgina Brinkman+Georgia Saxelby+Gilbert Grace+Jane Theau+Jayanto Damanik+Josh Wodak+Julia Kennedy-Bell+Julie Brooke+Kath Fries+Kerry Russell+Laura Jade+Lillian Li+Lisa Sammut+Lisa Roberts+ Liz Shreeve+ Luke Hespanhol+ Melanie Eden+ Melody Lord+ Meta Cohen+ Onaclov+ Owen Ratner+Rachel Park+Sara Morawetz+Sherryl Ryan+ Soyoun Kim+Tom Hungerford.

SCIENTISTS, ARCHITECTS, EXPERTS: Thanks for your expertise….
Alex Thompson+Aaron Massingham+Prof Bruce Milthorpe+Prof Bryce Vissell+Chris Henschke+Prof Chris Ormandy+Dr David Gallego-Ortega+Jeff Kellaway+Dr Peter McCreadie+Kirralee Baker+Ass Prof Leon Poladian+Prof Trevor Bird+Densil Cabrera+Peter Domachuk+Jennifer Watkins+Peter Simpson-Young+Sam Gentle+Lesley Marsh+Machiko Motoi+Evan Shellshear+Clayton Thomas+ Roel Voorbij+Elyse Goldfinch+ Ivana Jirasek+ Dr Adam Hamlin+ Talia Smith……

Exhibition open 28th November to 6 December.
Saturday 28th November 3-6pm launch.
Thur-Sun 11-3pm or by appointment.
[email protected] or M:0401884716