Cadavre Exquis – Accelerator Gallery, Culture at Work

Cadavre Exquis an exhibition at Accelerator Gallery, Culture at Work is curated by Soyoun Kim based on a game. The exhibition is built upon the starting point of Soyoun Kim, ┬áher choice of image is passed on to the next artist to use in, the making of their artwork for the exhibition – and so it goes – until each of the five artists have passed on the seemingly reminiscent ‘chinese whisper’ all be it visual whispers, which culminates in this intriguing exhibition of media including photography and installations. Artists include Jayanto Damanik, David Mills, Ganbold (Gawaa) Lundaa, Somchai Charoen and the curator Soyoun Kim.

The exhibition will be launched by Catherine Croll, Founding Director of Cultural Partnerships Australia on Thursday 26 February at 5pm at Culture at Work’s Accelerator Gallery in Pyrmont.

The exhibition continues until 7th March and is open from 11am to 5pm each day.