Image: Marco Bangi

A conversation with Marco Bagni……

On the 16th March 2016 an email arrived from an Italian video artist and director based in Berlin!

‘Dear Culture at Work,

I’m an italian video artist / director based in Berlin,

and I’d like to introduce my work: graphic animated interpretations of the science+art realm Lost Conversation, each video belongs to a specific project where you can find more info/images, if you find this work interesting in any way, please feel free to reach out, maybe we could start a conversation!

Kind regards,


I was a little unsure how to reply however I clicked the links and was amazed at the graphic animation that I was observing. I wasn’t sure what kind of conversation we could have but thought perhaps I could ask some questions about art and science and Marco could give me some insights into his work. This was my response to his email….

“Dear Marco

Here are a few questions for you that I would be interested in finding answers to, that will start the conversation?

When I saw your work for the first time, the cross over between art, data, science technology was evident.

You obviously have talent in several of these disciplines, can you describe how you came to work in this multidisciplinary space?

Did you start with one area of talent and then diverge?

What is the purpose of your Art and Science animations? To communicate? To find research outcomes? Aesthetic responses to science data?

Does the process of creating art science animations increase your understanding of the science? Do you discover scientific outcomes by chance through your work?

Look forward to hearing back with your response.



Marco replied “I work as motion designer mainly in three fields:

– art director and animator for CopyrightUser, an academic resource created by a research center at University of Glasgow + London

we create compelling video with the aim of making copyright law more understandable: copyright

– design maps, infographics, explainer video and data visualization for worldwide clients and Berlin agencies (

– personal work, merging art+science+metaphysics into motion graphics animations with the aim of celebrating all the connections between the human multi-dimensional perspective, in stories easily shareable and enjoyable!

My journey began with learning the craft of motion designer / director in Italy, then while travelling around Asia for two years I’ve learned about spirituality and the many different manifestations, as well as history and geography in a quest for getting to know the human race… it was a fun ride!

I came across quantum physics by coincidence while living in Berlin,

and saw many interesting connections with all the knowledge acquired so far, so I began to investigate the science by using the internet and building a mental map of the structure of the Universe…it’s a never-ending process of learning! A way to keep track of my understanding and experience of life through stages and styles…

What I find so fascinating about merging all these disciplines,

is the connections arising and the wonder in perceiving the oneness which we all belong to!

I like to keep track of the process of creating a piece as you can see here Lost conversation – warping for my personal work sometimes I start from a simple idea, like Chasing Space, and find some literature to support (see attachment) the graphic interpretation; other times I create some interesting visuals which are resulting from a series of scientific imagery with no apparent  connections, I think Warping is a good example of it.

Also, talking of quantum mechanics, so many science visualizations are in fact using abstract cg imagery in reference to the inexplicable essence of things, down at the infinitesimal scale things are bizarre!

I would love to collaborate with scientists and artists.” (Marco).

Perhaps we should continue the conversation from Berlin to Pyrmont!

Thanks Marco!