CULTURE AT WORK Blue Carbon: Creative Sparks

Blue Carbon: Creative Sparks 2015

CULTURE AT WORK has a mission to inspire future generations of creative thinkers by connecting the arts and sciences, technology and education. CULTURE AT WORK’s primary objective is to generate new knowledge through connecting the fields of art and science and to share this with future generations of children and young people introducing them in the early years of primary school to problem solving and creative thinking which encourage confidence, resilience and creative output that can be shared and celebrated by family, school and community.

CULTURE AT WORK brings experts, partners in art and science together to contribute to innovative learning essential for the new creative industries workplace opportunities in the 21st Century. Blue Carbon: Creative Sparks (2014-2015) is a creative art-science education program that will include 250 primary school students from five inner city primary schools and one primary school in the Penrith and one in Mudgee area. Artists and scientists will visit schools and Penrith Regional Gallery to share their expertise with future generations of creative thinkers.

The project will focus on increasing educational opportunities for children linked to creativity with experts in art and science and innovation. A pilot program in 2012, 2013, 2014 linking art and science content with 6 public schools resulted in an exhibition of 200 student artworks based on science.  The Blue Carbon: Creative Sparks 2014-2015 project will include collaborative planning with art or classroom teachers and principals, artists and scientist, to agree on measurable outcomes for the project that could include: demonstrated increase in students creative skills, self esteem, related to access to authentic scientists; access to professional artists; access to innovation and technology; effects of participation and promotion of their creative art-science artworks in a public exhibition.

In March 2014 the pilot included Kirralee Baker, a young PhD marine scientist and artist-educator Sherryl Ryan. CULTURE AT WORK invited teachers/principals to a round table meeting in one school to discuss the project and infused authentic science learning to each schools through the option of a school visit to UTS laboratories, a visit to the school by Kirralee Baker and or video of the scientist in the laboratory explaining the effect of Climate Change on Diatoms through the microscope. This project aims to increase opportunities for students to access creative industries employment in the 21C through access to innovative art-science curriculum and creativity in schools.

In 2015 the project is successfully supported by our partners City of Sydney, Environmental Grant, UTS Science and Penrith Regional Gallery and  Arts NSW for the Penrith and Mudgee schools component of the program. CULTURE AT WORK is looking for support from sponsors and foundations so that the program can be delivered to other primary schools in the City of Sydney LGA in 2015/2016.

Images below show artists Rachel Park, Gilbert Grace and Liz Shreeve creating prototypes out of recycled cardboard boxes as part of the programs NO WASTE policy. These recycled cardboard boxes were bought from Enmore Boxs in Peakhurst and brought back to CULTURE AT WORK to be cut down, shaped into templates and then assembled into a 30x 30cm cardboard canvas which will degrade back into the earth when it is recycled. Artists were using off cuts from the boxes to make Seagrasses and mangroves, and the sea creatures that live in the salt water environment.

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