CULTURE AT WORK Artist in Residence 2016 Helen Amanatiadis

CULTURE AT WORK Art-Science Residency 2016

This exhibition is the culmination of the research project undertaken during Helen Amanatiadis’ six-week 2016 CULTURE AT WORK Art-Science Residency, which involved reflection on the incorporation of scent into virtual reality. Attempts to introduce scent into virtual reality have so far been rudimentary and unsuccessful. Scent perception involves the most ancient and primitive part of our brain and has played a crucial role in our evolution and physical survival. Yet it also has the power to transport our consciousness to another realm and is used extensively in spiritual practices. The visual aesthetic of timber and crochet in the works evokes the hand crafted techniques of the past, however the works are digital and technological both in their production and operation. The interactive works in this exhibition create a “circuit loop” with the body of the viewer to trigger seductive scents and fans to disperse the scent and clear the air. However, technologies bear a double edged sword. These works reflect on past technological progress and consider the role that seductive digital technologies will play in shaping the future.

Helen Amanatiadis’ practice explores the intersections between the physical, virtual and spiritual spaces we inhabit. Her practice is concerned with exploring human evolution and consciousness, attained through the complex process of shaping the natural world into technological inventions. From the humble technology of string, invented by our Palaeolithic ancestors, to the complex digital and virtual technologies of today, humanity continues to evolve and develop.

Launch Event: Saturday 19 November 2016 2-5pm.

Public Talk: Thursday 24 November 2016 6-8pm.

Exhibition opening times:

Sunday 20 to Friday 25 November 11am to 4pm.

Open by appointment other days – contact 0416 057 825

This project was supported by a CULTURE AT WORK Residency.

This project was supported by a local neighbourhood grant from The STAR.This project has benefitted from an Arts & Design Grant courtesy of Arc @ UNSW Limited.

Helen Amanatiadis Catalogue

Helen Amanatiadis Catalogue Shifting into Consciousness 2016