Fiona Kemp

Memory Laps

One way of thinking about ourselves, and of memory, is as something that is defined and fixed. Some psychologists and philosophers of mind however are more concerned with the notion of memory as a process, which takes into account movement and the context of our experiences. Memory Laps continues my investigation into how objects, images and repetitive movements can resonate memory. Re-emerging memories involve mysterious processes that may include lapses in memory.  A prime example of a memory lapse is the Tip of the Tongue phenomena first described by William James as “… a gap that is intensely active. A sort of wraith of the name is in it, beckoning us in a given direction, making us at moments tingle with the sense of our closeness and then letting us sink back without the longed-for term.” Fiona Kemp.

Fiona Kemp is No. 7 of 10 artists in residence at Culture at Work® connecting art and science.