CULTURE AT WORK RESIDENCY 5 2015 / Georgie Brinkman + Alex Wight / Disfigured Paradise

Georgina Brinkman and Alex Wight are a multi-disciplinary artist duo interested in the lasting impacts of British colonialism on the environment and 2015 Artists-in-Residence at CULTURE AT WORK. The focus of their residency is to research and highlight the vast extinction rates of the Norfolk Island native avian population,and document those fighting to protect the remaining species.

Georgina and Alex travelled to Norfolk Island as part of their residency collecting images, exploring the natural environment and documenting local opinions on the shifting environmental, cultural and political landscapes which effect the native endemic bird life. The discoveries made on this expedition will be explored in their project, ‘Disfigured Paradise’. Through transforming the exhibition space into an immersive, interactive playground, they are inviting visitors to consider and confront the implicit role that humans have on the natural environment. Parallel to this installation, a documentary video will screen interviews with important figures in the story of survival of Norfolk Islands’ last avian species, in particular, the Green Parrot.

Georgina Brinkman studied Fine Arts at Kingston University, London and Alex Wight studied music production at Tech Music, London. Both now live and work in Sydney, Australia.

Georgina Brinkman website

Disfigured Paradise catalogue