Julie Brooke Exhibition The Principle of Continuity

The Principle of Continuity

‘I studied biochemistry at University College London, and later completed an MSc in the Biochemistry Department at Sydney University in the area of cancer research. I’ve worked as a research scientist at the University of Oxford and at the ANU, and have published scientific papers on my research into drug resistance in cancer, and on the physiology of cell volume regulation.

In my painting practice, I investigate parallels between research in science and in the visual arts, and explore how speculative thought can be presented as a series of evolving visual hypotheses. This exploration takes the form of small pencil and gouache works in which the paper ground becomes a space in which to model and reflect on the processes of thought.’ Julie Brooke.’



Launch & Public Talk Saturday 07 June 2-4pm

Opening Hours Thur-Sun 11am-5pm – Sun 15 June closing 3pm

Closing Drinks Sunday 15 June 1-3pm

Accelerator Gallery 6-8 Scott Street Pyrmont NSW