CULTURE AT WORK Residency 2015 Liz Shreeve

CULTURE AT WORK Emerging Artist in Residence Liz Shreeve March – May 2015

Liz Shreeve’s work explores this question using three dimensional geometric forms as the starting point for creating paper sculptures of surprising beauty, complexity and strength. The pieces are constructed from hundreds or thousands of the same small geometric paper units arranged in a preordained sequence. The organic structure of the work emerges from following the sequence. The rules of nature, of growth and differentiation can be recognised in the way the sculptures evolve. Just as in nature, beauty and complexity arise from simplicity. Liz has been working as a professional artist since graduating from the National Art School in 2005. Her practice is based on non-objective principles of colour, contrast, tone, shadow and light. She uses simple repeated units in paper and wood to create ordered relief works and three dimensional forms which catch light, slow perception and make the act of seeing more conscious.’  

Mathematician Leon Poladian an Associate Professor of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney, visited Liz Shreeve’s exhibition at the CULTURE AT WORK Accelerator Gallery during the Pyrmont Festival by chance. Liz and Leon have set up a blog-site to share the connection between a common area of scientific interest. A public viewing of Liz’s residency progress in her off-site studio will be coming up soon. See the shaping colour blog site to learn more about Liz’s research residency.  

At her recent open studio as part of MOST in Marrickville she was visited by 340 people interested in her art making. CULTURE AT WORK curator Ivana Jirasek is working with Liz toward the next exhibition onsite. For more information contact us 02 95188813.


This project is supported by STATE STREET.


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